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Customised Engineering Plan

After discussing the bespoke nature of your project and business goals to determine the best approach and technologies, our design team use specialist software to engineer solutions by modelling your company premises and creating electrical schematics. Your dedicated project manager will also have input into the design, utilising their experience working on similar projects.

Operation and Maintenance

Our operation and maintenance team provide a comprehensive service to ensure that your energy technology solution continues to deliver year-on-year benefits by implementing a monitoring service that alerts us to immediately remedy any issues that may occur over time. Such issue could be low energy generation caused by a panel or inverter fault or often issues external to the system.


We pride ourselves on delivering a quality installation that continues to raise industry standards. Led by our own project manager, we work with a trusted number of installation partners that are fully audited and trained to deliver quality workmanship and employ the highest health and safety practices. We always operate to ensure minimal disruption to your business during installation.

Excellent customer services

Our company is fully committed to deliver an excellent customer service and the customer is the key focus in our organisation. Our customer service agents are available and very responsive. They are dedicated and well trained to solve all problems and assist you until the problem is fixed. All our employees are aware of and committed to excellent customers service, as they have been trained to give the highest quality customer service.

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We offer and install solar technologies, large scale installation of polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels, thin film solar panels. We also provide the best inverters, hight quality solar storage, submersible water pump, heat pump, let solution and turnkey projects on solar energy installation.

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