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Solar energy is a perpetual and clean source. As we are concerned about the fast climate change, we have for aim to promote this source type of energy around the globe. Our company seeks the implementation of this green energy which is good for the environment . we advise and offer suitable solutions for your home, businesses, power plants.

Innovating Products

Everyone is contributing to the global warming effect. Why not go for this natural energy for your day to day needs. Our business offers the latest technological advanced solar products. Our clients have a wide range of well selected products to choose from. We work with great brands while offering cost effective solutions for everyone.

Project Customisation

Our engineers will assist you to go through with your project, whether it is designing the project, providing study case, finding a suitable quote, taking care of the administrative part. They are dedicated, available and will also create a follow-up for each customer. Our team is trained to give the best experience to customers.

Excellent Customer Service

Our staffs have received excellent training and they excel in their department. They will be with the client from the beginning of the inquiries until the matter is solved. They are available at any time and are very responsive. Our organisation has for purpose to create trust and customer satisfaction.

We cover the whole spectrum

We encourage the use of natural energy


We are committed in what we do, and we make sure to give each client the best possible service. We have qualified installers that deliver spot on service using optimised equipment.


Our engineers use our monitoring system that can detect any defaults related with the environment. Our system is very efficient in finding problems when they occur. Our experts receive updated notifications that enable them to identify what the problem is and how to fix it.


Our competent maintenance team provide quality service while working with efficient software systems. We deliver the service whether our customers are located locally or abroad. We also give service to customers that did not purchase their products from us.

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Swissecosolar sees its future at the heart of global developing markets and Switzerland,  in delivering renewable, ecological, economical solar energy and placing the fundamentals for economic freedom and prosperity for the long-term.

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